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Per Enflo 

I have sometimes been asked:

When did you make the decision

to go into math instead of music?

I have never made,

and will never make, any such decision

A documentary film:


(Banach. Między duchem a materią)

Some years ago I got the honor to participate in a documentary film about the great Polish mathematician STEFAN BANACH. In doing so, I have tried to communicate to a general audience, some of Banach’s great vision to unite different branches of mathematics under a general ”Theory of linear operations”. This direction of developing mathematics has been enormously successful, and it affects in an essential way all of our society today. The applications span from construction of buildings, cars, medical equipment, household machines etc. to weather forecasting, finances, traffic regulations, artificial intelligence and much more.    Read more here >>

The film team, Wiesław Saniewski and Per in Per´s home in Sweden. Photo: Torbjörn Ivarsson

The film team, Wiesław Saniewski and Per in Per´s home in Sweden.   Photo: Torbjörn Ivarsson

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